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In this film, Nelson sees Blondino as a metaphor for those who still try.Too subtle to be allegorical, the picture is in the shape of a quixotic search in which the goal is the journey and the means is the end.” –MUSEUM OF MODERN ART“It is…difficult to get at the rich visual texture that is the film’s most striking attribute.Visitors may view production files, photos, and posters related to Terayama and his theater company.The Archive is located at 66 East 4th Street on the Mezzanine level (between Bowery and 2nd Avenue).Like THROW AWAY YOUR BOOKS, PASTORAL took multiple forms over the years: manifesting first as a television broadcast in 1962, it then gave its title to a poetry collection Terayama published in 1965, only to reappear in 1974 as this extraordinary film.

At the time, Terayama was suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, but in a seeming collision course with oblivion, he turned down requests for hospital treatment and doggedly continued shooting on location in Okinawa.Långström creates a colorful and joyful cinematic world for all of our dreams of queer resistance.ROBERT FRANK fills the void inside the male professor.GUEST CURATED BY LEEROY KUN YOUNG KANGThis program highlights the work of Christopher Lee (1964-2012), the late trans filmmaker, activist, and founder of Trannyfest (now known as the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival).Lee’s first film, CHRISTOPHER’S CHRONICLES, a record of the artist’s transition from female to male, was among the very first films made by and about a trans man of color and premiered at the 1997 Frameline Festival.Long stretches are concerned with Blondino’s visions, dreams, and dreams within dreams.


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