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Polish Air Force researcher Franek Grabowski, we now know more about these 16 prisoners of war.Though we cannot at present put names to faces he has helped us know who most of those servicemen were and their interesting history.Chatham near London in 1667 - Perhaps burning Terschelling was not such a good idea Holmes!The Dutch, under nominal command of Lieutenant-Admiral Michiel de Ruyter, bombarded and then captured the town of Sheerness, sailed up the River Thames to Gravesend, then up the River Medway to Chatham in Kent, where they burned three capital ships and ten lesser naval vessels and towed away the HMS Unity and the HMS Royal Charles, pride and normal flagship of the English fleet.

Result: these “sea dogs” returned to their maritime life, the daily rowing and sailing on the seas.

The raid led to a quick end to the war and a favourable peace for the Dutch.

It was the worst defeat in the Royal Navy's history!

‘t Wyfke fan Stryp (the sage of Clever Granny of Seeryp) by Willem de Jong When these “overheated navy hooligans” were finished in West-Terschelling with their “Bonfire”, at least a number of them marched further Eastward, to the other villages on the island.

They were keen on more wealth, more attractive and helpless women, and more liquor too!


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