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"Why would anyone married to you EVER want to fuck another woman, my love? I've been known to enjoy the sexual pleasure that can only be derived from sex with another man. Just something incredibly exciting for us to do together." "And then what? At 5'2" tall and 125 pounds, with the most perfect legs I've ever seen, my wife is a walking centerfold, and it was exactly because of this that I wanted to see her with other men. You are the kind of woman I've dreamed of living with for my entire life, and now that I have you, do you really think I'd want sex with any other woman? I stared at her for a moment, taking in her beautiful, snappy brown eyes, incredible tits... and then let my gaze sweep over the rest of her petite frame. and to see my very own wife being fucked by another man, or sucking him, or watching as he comes on her face, as I do each time we have sex... The kids are all out of the house, living on their own. What's preventing us from merely taking that next step... " I added, moving into her arms, hugging her, feeling her breasts pressing into my chest. "I suppose it could be fun, under the right conditions. "Sit down, darling," I said, leading her to the edge of the bed.

Make them fuck your slut wife," she moaned, close to coming now. We met Ty at a motel bar midway between his town and ours. 5'9" or so, rather slightly built, and attractive enough. " she hissed just as the elevator stopped at our floor. When he was naked, I told him to fondle himself while I undressed my wife and myself.

"You really want to watch while another man fucks me?

"Very," I answered, my cock tingling, heart pounding.

I was hard then, and moved up to her pussy, sliding into her with no resistance. Opening her mouth she took my slick fingers inside, her tongue licking her juice from them, tasting herself.

I want more cocks," she gasped, pumping her wet cunt against my fingers, my mouth on her clit, licking, sucking.


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