Dating a fatherless women dating wen9

I’m more than aware of the void left from being raised without a father in the home and the inevitable baggage most of us carry. Yet those of us who didn’t have been typecast and deemed “unfit” as ideal marriage material. Is it naive to long for men to feel “I can show her what she hasn’t seen, be an example of what she deserves, and create an example that will not only transform her thinking but (strive to) solidify a new foundation for women – girls – to reference for the future.” Is this problematic when especially a married man who is aware of not only the problem and seemingly cognizant of the solution feels the ultimate resolution is not to step up to the plate but penalize, demonize and further generalize said woman for existing in the unavoidable state of her “unfortunate” reality?

I was proven wrong when the exact same comment was uttered in my presence.

Often, the daughter experiences a combination of these, and she is not taught how to manage the trauma of her losses until later in life when she re-experiences her pain and realizes she has unresolved issues.

That is where this book comes in to guide her from her dysfunctional relationship cycles and damaged self-esteem to a life filled with confidence, power and amazing resilience.

Women need to know that they are not alone going down these roads of emotional struggle—in the book, we meet them where they are.

The main thread throughout, and the place where we felt the most passionate, is helping women understand why they have been picking unhealthy relationships, give themselves grace and find the way back to their authentic, wise selves.


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