Dating a pot head

Of all the teens involved, she feels the guiltiest, and has always regretted not going back to help the victim of their hit-and-run, a child named Daniel Gregg, as opposed to the fisherman in the film.After the accident, she breaks up with Ray, quits cheerleading and devotes herself to studying hard, in the hopes of both forgetting the horror of the accident, and being accepted to an out of state university to escape the tragedy.When she was sleeping, Ben threatened her by shearing her hair and writing "Soon" on her mirror (meaning he will soon get his revenge).After the event, Barry and she reconciled their relationship.Julie Nicole James is a central character in both I Know What You Did Last Summer and its sequel, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, portrayed by Jennifer Love Hewitt. In the second film, Ben had set up her, Karla and Tyrell, with the help of his son, Will.She was the only one who disagreed with dumping Ben's body and felt the guiltiest about the accident. She again survives Ben's attack and kills him by shooting him many times.Despite her beauty and success, she is often insecure about her poor background and low education, as she dropped out of high school at the end of her junior year; Barry was the only reason she had stayed until then.Due to her low esteem, she worries about losing what she has worked for.

When Helen hears her scream, she goes to investigate and is attacked by the fisherman and escapes by jumping through the window into a dumpster.She was one of Julie's best friends and was Barry's longtime girlfriend during High School, but the two of them break up sometime after graduating.One year after the incident, Helen's trip to New York City failed, thus she had no choice but to work for her sister's department store.She screams and tries to get help, but no one believes her. Then the fisherman lures the policeman into an alley and kills him.Helen then escapes and runs to where Elsa is working.In the first chapter of the novel, she receives correspondence that she has been accepted to Smith University.


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