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If the phone account is not refilled within 30 days after the service end date, the phone number will be lost and a new one will be generated when the phone is reactivated.

I realized that to use my new prepaid phone for emergency purposes, I’d need to purchase an optional minute plan where the minutes never expired.

However, I’m not a fan of regulation and don’t want this to turn into a political article, so lets just keep it at that.

For example, here are the deterrents proffered by the NSW government on its Law Access website: State Debt Recovery (SDR) may suspend your Australian driver's licence, cancel the registration of any vehicles you own in Australia, take money from (garnish) your Australian bank account, take property you have in Australia or put a charge on any land you own in Australia.a bank account, driver's licence, vehicle or property/land in Australia. To actively pursue you in the US, the relevant agency would need to take out a warrant of arrest.State road authorities can also ban you from applying for an Australian licence and restrict certain business dealings within Australia.If you're extremely unlucky, the outstanding fines could also be flagged by customs officials when you attempt to return to the country. I was driving in Australia last Autumn and got four tickets in the course of one day from highway cameras equalling 00 in fines. Is there any recourse that the AU government can take against me back in the USA?Thanks, Karen Dear Karen, First off, the usual caveats apply: we aren't lawyers and you should probably contact a professional for a definitive answer.Having a card ready to load in an emergency wouldn’t be a good option, because I’d have to wait through the process of activating the minutes and potentially having my phone number changed.


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