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[EDIT] Looks like it runs just fine, seems slightly slower though, but it patched and runs OK._________________I have two machines running wow, both amd64, one of which was unable to update.

I tended to scp the contents of the wow folder from the good machine to the bad whenever there was a big patch.

With the 1G/3G split in Wine, that's about it, process size can't grow much larger...

but I still have another 512MB to 1GB of RAM free...

The bad machine's infrastructure was very old, and had many things in different places (Application Data was in another spot, for instance).

My hunch is that enough things were wrong that some aspect of the agent code was failing. FWIW, I eventually plan to have a separate bottle for every game I play.

I was a bit disheartened when my eee PC stopped working in Wo W.

I couldn't really play on it anyway (it's way too slow for just about everything except auction house) but it was kind of funny having a small machine at least load up Wo W._________________Patch 5.2: The Thunder King came out today. it looks like Blizzard got their act together, or somehow I inadvertently fixed the patcher on my 32-bit Gentoo install.

My box was on accept_keyword amd64, and I switched to ~amd64.

But who knows, wine works in mysterious ways Incidentally, the 64-bit Linux machines not only patch correctly, can run both 32- and 64-bit Wo W.

I will have to someday switch my 32-bit install to 64-bit as I keep on running out of RAM in Wo W.

Note that you'll need to rerun any winetricks or other registry settings for every bottle, since each bottle is like its own [/u]mini-windows environment.

For more info on wine bottles, check out or Next would be performance tips and tricks? Though I knew that Linux was slower than Windows in Wo W this is somewhat problematic.


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