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Our testing found that the Anthem (and its advanced room correction system) produced the best sounding audio.

Its seven HDMI 2.0 inputs and customizable room correction make it suited to more complex home theaters than the Denon.

In that time I’ve listened to dozens of receivers, preamps, and amplifiers to recognize the differences between them.

If you have an older receiver without HDMI support, now is a good time to upgrade.

We spent more than 10 hours researching and selecting models based on what more than 1,000 surveyed Wirecutter readers told us they needed in a receiver.

We then spent another 70 hours installing, setting up, and testing each model in a home theater to determine which one was the best choice.

So if you already have an HDMI receiver but want to buy a 4K TV and want to be able to switch between 4K sources now (or soon), consider upgrading.Ethernet and Wi-Fi are built-in along with Air Play and Bluetooth, making it easy to stream music from your device, or you can use the integrated HEOS software to stream directly from the most popular streaming services.Additionally, the room correction software from Audyssey sounds the best of the receivers in this price range, and an optional app lets you customize it more than the other room correction suites.Additionally, this receiver includes ample inputs and has the easiest setup routine of any receiver we’ve ever tested thanks to its on-screen prompts and user-friendly interface.Once set up, the AVR-S730H supports all the standards you’ll need today and in the future.Most people can get better sound by going with a more affordable receiver and upgrading to nicer speakers.


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