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Although there’s nothing you can do to erase the hurt, disappointment, betrayal, confusion, or anger you may feel in your divorce, there are steps you can take to come out with your mental, physical, and emotional well-being intact.

Learn how to survive your divorce by caring for yourself and your kids and thoroughly planning for the future.

Instead, spread the word about the memorable merch via social media.

T-shirts ship straight to your donors when the fundraiser is over. You can craft more modern, classy bracelets working with a local designer, and sell them for the cause.

But think again: 80% of Americans believe it’s essential for people to come together in person to promote positive change, and 1 in 5 Americans attended an event to support a particular cause in the last year. You actually don’t need any of the above to pull of a fundraising fashion show.

In fact, that fundraising attendance is even higher among tech-savvy millennials, three-quarters of whom believe that attending a live event is more impactful than taking action online. All you need is floor space, benefit t-shirts and a few staff members willing to put themselves out there and be goofy.

In a world of crowdfunding and social media challenges, it may seem like ideas for in-person fundraising events won’t drive the same impact. That old phone, whether it’s an archaic Nokia or a recent Android or i Phone, has some sophisticated circuitry inside. An old phone is the perfect way to get over those fears.There are things about your smartphone that you know are possible, but you’ve never explored. Do you have an old Nokia or some such candybar device with a number pad?” Check out this blog for more ideas on how to features summertime dance performances on local farms all over the state.Dancers perform an originally choreographed piece that tells the story of farming throughout the year.A ticket purchase gives donors the chance to watch the show and learn more about that particular farm.


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