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Then dig out the letter saying you arent entitled to tax credits from April 2012.

Phone in the morning and say you want to continue to be registered for tax credits in 12/13 even though you wont get any money. Then phone the number on the repayment demand (leave it a day if its the main tax credits number).

As far as I know they havent caught up with him yet, and I have no idea where he is so I cant help them.

Instead of the hassle I just arranged a payment plan to pay them back, just over 30 every fortnight. Phone for a CAB appointment in a week or two's time.

Why in 2009 did they not ask us to start making payments then especially that we are now being asked for overpayments from 8 years ago? We work damn hard and it sickens me that our tax money is given to people that have no intention of ever working and who defraud the system and are never punished. Maybe I should try the Citizens Advice in the first instance?I've just got a letter saying I owe them just over 5000 I dont no wot to do they sent me a letter about 2 months ago saying they owed me 4000 and it went straight into my account I called them up to make sure this was correct and they said it was so went on holiday now I have this letter I don't no wot to do any help would be great I have received a letter tofday saying i owe over 7000 in overpayment of Tax Credit.At the time i was a single parent but am now in a relationship, but the relationship is very much 50/50 when it comes to bilss eg.I phoned HMRC in Aug with our updated numbers and have received overpayment demand of 7500 No breakdowns to how they work this out nor am I sure that we have received 7500 in total over the last 3 years that we claimed. We, like you got the seven brown envelopes through the door.They had been clawing a percentage of the overpayments back from our tax credits but as soon as we were no longer eligible for any tax credits, they wanted the overpayments back all in one go.Wondering if anyone else has been in this situation and can give some advice.


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