Five tips to know before dating a father

You will be inundated with cleverly marketed warming drinks from many of the chain coffee shops and with a chill in the air, you may find yourself tempted to indulge.Containing up to around 350 calories per drink, these should be completely avoided!In doing so, removal of other toxins such as environmental toxins, used up hormones, medications or waste products naturally produced as a result of the body’s natural processes will be compromised and you will feel tired and lethargic as a result.Restricting your intake to certain days only will allow your liver a chance to rest and repair, so you are more resilient to the excesses over the festive period.Take a look at your social commitments over the next few weeks and note at least 3, but preferably 4 days each week as “non-drinking” days.Alcohol is considered a toxin by the body and your liver, which is the organ responsible for detoxifying; in other words, removing all toxins and “nasties” from our body, will prioritise the removal of the alcohol.

With less than a month to go before the festive party season kicks off in earnest, you’ll thank yourself for prioritizing your health right now, making sure you’re in the best possible shape so you don’t put on weight over Christmas.

This can be either a gym session or a more formal exercise class, such as aerobics, spinning or yoga/pilates but you can also wrap up warm and simply head out for a walk or gentle jog on your own or with friends.

If that doesn’t appeal, then there are plenty of free exercise videos on You Tube that you can do from the comfort of your living room.

These unnecessary calories will sabotage your efforts to establish a healthy routine and as they’re loaded with refined sugar, will also encourage cravings for even more sugar.

Instead, if you’re on the go, order a regular tea or coffee or herbal tea, which will last a lot longer and provide the hydration you need to feel satiated.


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