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This smell is so warming, it feels like it warms you up by smelling it.

My only complaint is I wish it had a bit more staying power and projected better, and wish the port wine note hung around longer as it's the best part of the scent.

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If this scent is a Christmas scene (and it is), it's a scene where you're sitting closer to the kitchen and the baking fruit pies than you are to the leather chair and fireplace. Projection and longevity are both average to a bit above average. Sometimes the top can smell like bergamot, and sometimes black pepper. The middle is where this really shines, like tobacco dipped in port wine with a tiny hint of spice and leather, and a hint of the lavender.

I’d personally give this a 9.5 out of 10 if it at least had average performance as the scent itself is amazing On me London is a beautiful unsmoked tobacco juice.

It's like Remy Cigar but Cigar has fruits blended in.

Burberry London reminds me, very much, of the smell inside that store. However i like london because it reminds me of rain and cloud but a happy rain not a depressed one.

Wet autumn leaves, tobacco, red wine and cherry juice with a bit of cinnamon and leather.


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